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A healthy and balanced diet helps you build stronger bones from an early age and helps you maintain them throughout your life. When it comes to building bone strength, there are two key ingredients, Calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium supports your bones and teeth structure, white vitamin D improves calcium absorption and accelerates bone growth.

With the right amount of Calcium and Vitamin D, bones grow healthy, strong and remain free of osteoporosis. Here’s a list of 7 commonly available food items that you can incorporate in your diet to improve bone health:




Orange Juice




Yogurt is rich in many key nutrients that are necessary for maintaining bone health, including calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus and in small quantities, even vitamin-D. It contains nearly every nutrient that your body needs. All of these vitamins and minerals are especially helpful for preventing osteoporosis, a condition that weakens your bones, common among older persons. Individuals with osteoporosis have low bone density and are at a higher risk of fractures and other joint problems. Research shows that consuming at least three servings of dairy foods, like yogurt, on daily basis may help preserve bone mass and strength. Yogurt is especially beneficial for children as it boosts immunity while improving bone strength.

Low intake of Vitamin K is associated with a higher risk of bone fractures. Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin K which produces a protein called Osteocalcin, which is responsible for stabilizing the calcium present in bones. Apart from Vitamin K, spinach is also a rich source of calcium, Vitamin D, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C, all important nutrients for maintaining bone health.

Eggs are one of the few natural food sources of vitamin D that are essential for calcium absorption and maintaining optimum bone health. Eggs, therefore, play a supporting role in the prevention of osteoporosis together with dairy products, our primary source of calcium. Apart from these, eggs are extremely nutritious as they contain Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B5 in addition to selenium and phosphorus.

Freshly extracted and unsweetened orange juice has so many benefits that they are truly uncountable. With a high concentration of Vitamin C and other nutrients that are not only healthful but necessary, the orange is a super-fruit that most of us take for granted. Orange juice – rich in vitamin C promotes strong and healthy bones and also strengthens your immunity system to fight off infection and viruses.

Flaxseeds are the underdogs of the healthy food world. Flaxseeds help our body to absorb calcium that we take in from other foods. They contain Alpha-Linolenic Acid, which promotes bone health and maintains bone strength. Flaxseeds are especially beneficial for those who suffer from joint-related diseases.

Almonds boast an impressive nutrient profile and are packed with calcium, fiber, and protein, which are excellent in making your bones strong. One serving of almonds has about 750mg of calcium. No other kind of nuts has as much as calcium as almonds. Almonds also have a high fibre content and easily digestible carbohydrates which makes it an easy and healthy snack for people of all ages.

Cheese is one food that has one of the highest calcium content. Parmesan cheese has the highest calcium content – 331 mg per 28 gms. Cheese is not just a flavourful and fun snack, but the calcium present in it is more easily digestible than those obtained from plants. Hard and aged cheese are naturally low in lactose which makes it even better for lactose intolerant people.

Calcium and Vitamin D make your bones healthy and happy. While eating healthy is definitely the key to avoiding bone and joint problems, regular exercise, and healthy habits help you overcome orthopedic problems like arthritis and knee joint wear and tear. If your problems persist despite all measures, visit Pune’s best orthopedic hospital –Lokmanya Hospitals for a comprehensive treatment from a team of the best orthopedic surgeons.

Article by Dr. Narendra Vaidya

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